The Top Attractions for Travelers in Jakarta

Harun Halim Rasip serves as director president of P.T. Tanah Laut Tbk in Jakarta, Indonesia and his work requires international travel on a frequent basis.

Jakarta remains a popular destination for travelers from around the world. Visitors to the city can experience many of its unique attractions.

The city boasts a number of exciting museums, including Museum Sejarah Jakart and Museum Wayang. The former, a history museum, is housed in Batavia, the old town hall built in 1627 that served as an administrative and judicial center. Museum Wayang has the largest collection of puppets in Java. Visitors to Museum Wayang find puppet characters from both Indonesia and other countries throughout Asia and Europe.

Individuals interested in religious sites should visit Jin de Yuan, a massive Chinese Buddhist temple compound. Constructed in 1755, the temple is one of the most popular ones in the city.

Shoppers will want to spend time at Menteng, the famous flea market in Jakarta. Vendors offer everything from jewelry and antiques to old vinyl records and wood carvings. For a taste of culture, travelers can go to Taman Mini Indonesia Indah, an interesting park with full-scale models of traditional houses from all Indonesian provinces.


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