About Harun Halim Rasip

An experienced accountant and business development professional in Malaysia and Indonesia, Harun Halim Rasip currently holds the position of president director of P.T. Tanah Laut Tbk. His activities with the company focus on overseeing a range of maritime services and business development projects in the port sector and in the oil and gas industry. P.T. Tanah Laut is listed on Bursa Efek Indonesia. Prior to joining the company in 2007, Harun Halim Rasip served as non-executive director of Shangri-La Hotels (Malaysia) Berhad and non-executive chairman of Landmarks Berhad. His most recent professional history also includes leading maritime development projects as chairman and managing director of Halim Rasip Holdings Sdn Bhd Group.

Harun Halim Rasip holds a bachelor’s degree in commerce from the University of Western Australia. After achieving his certification as an accountant, he initiated his financial career with Price Waterhouse in Kuala Lumpur. His professional affiliations include previously serving on the executive committee of the Federal of Public Listed Companies Bhd and serving as a fellow of the Institute of Chartered Accountants in Australia.


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